Top 10 Valuable NHL Teams To Bet On

The pace and constant evolution of the NHL makes it difficult to find consistency in most teams. On one hand, some teams have remarkable seasons only to flounder the next while on the other hand, lottery teams quickly become contenders. Banking on overnight success stories is a difficult task but it can be done. Using criteria that mixes a team’s future outlook, collection of talent, competency of management and betting popularity, we compiled a list of the ten best NHL teams to bet on in the next few years.

Ten “Money Moner” NHL Teams

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2016/17 NHL Betting Lines

Narrowing the list down to ten was difficult given how many teams come from nowhere to take the hockey world by storm. One team that will look to continue their success will be the Dallas Stars who won 50 games for the first time in a decade. Other teams with intriguing surprise potential are the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens. The Flames have a young core that is still growing while the “Habs” have the league’s best goaltender and shook up their roster by swapping P.K. Subban for Shea Weber. Any of these teams could make the prospective gambler some money.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Wednesday 12 October
Toronto Maple Leafs 19:00 Ottawa Senators
St. Louis Blues 20:00 Chicago Blackhawks -130 +110 Odds
Calgary Flames 22:00 Edmonton Oilers
Los Angeles Kings 22:30 San Jose Sharks
Thursday 13 October
Montreal Canadiens 19:00 Buffalo Sabres
Boston Bruins 19:00 Jackets +129 -154 Odds
New York Islanders 19:00 New York Rangers
Detroit Red Wings 19:30 Tampa Bay Lightning
New Jersey Devils 19:30 Florida Panthers +129 -154 Odds
Washington Capitals 20:00 Pittsburgh Penguins
Minnesota Wild 20:00 St. Louis Blues
Carolina Hurricanes 20:00 Winnipeg Jets
Anaheim Ducks 20:30 Dallas Stars
Friday 14 October
Chicago Blackhawks 20:00 Nashville Predators
Edmonton Oilers 21:00 Calgary Flames
Philadelphia Flyers 22:30 Los Angeles Kings
Saturday 15 October
Winnipeg Jets 19:00 Minnesota Wild +121 -143 Odds
Boston Bruins 19:00 Toronto Maple Leafs
Montreal Canadiens 19:00 Ottawa Senators
New Jersey Devils 19:00 Tampa Bay Lightning
Detroit Red Wings 19:00 Florida Panthers
Anaheim Ducks 19:00 Pittsburgh Penguins
New York Islanders 19:00 Washington Capitals +147 -175 Odds
San Jose Sharks 19:00 Jackets
New York Rangers 20:00 St. Louis Blues
Nashville Predators 20:30 Chicago Blackhawks
Philadelphia Flyers 21:00 Arizona Coyotes
Dallas Stars 21:00 Colorado Avalanche -179 +151 Odds
Calgary Flames 22:00 Vancouver Canucks +132 -156 Odds
Sunday 16 October
Anaheim Ducks 18:00 New York Islanders
Buffalo Sabres 19:00 Edmonton Oilers
Carolina Hurricanes 22:00 Vancouver Canucks

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