Top 10 Most Heated Rivalries In NFL

Rivalry is one of the best reasons to watch the NFL. And any sport for that matter. Nothing beats good old fashion hatred and history. It’s what keeps us tuning in. The NFL has some of the oldest and most passionate rivalries in all of pro sports, whether it’s an old school dust-up from two storied teams, or two teams that have been talking a lot of junk about each other recently, here are the 10 best rivalries in the history of the NFL.

10 NFL Teams Who Hate Each Other

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10 NFL Teams with Bad Blood

When betting on a rivalry, I want to say to just throw the rule book out. You can look at all the recent trends you like, and they will likely let you down. It’s hard to bet on games that are fueled by emotion. Your best strategy is to bet on the team with more “big game” experience and success. Playoff experience is key when playing any game in a loud stadium with a fired-up opponent.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Thursday 07 September
K;C 20:30 NWE +330 -385 +
Sunday 10 September
PHI 13:00 WAS +115 -123 +
Jets 13:00 Bills +270 -294 +
ARI 13:00 Lions -104 -114 +
JAC 13:00 HOU +165 -169 +
TAM 13:00 MIA +103 +125 +
OAK 13:00 TEN -116 -101 +
PIT 13:00 CLE -500 +465 +
BAL 13:00 CIN +141 -167 +
ATL 13:00 Bears -286 +231 +
Colts 16:05 Rams -154 +135 +
SEA 16:25 GNB +
CAR 16:25 49ers -244 +204 +
NYG 20:30 DAL +

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