Top 10 Fastest NFL Players In 2016

They say you can’t teach speed. No, but you can feed it protein shakes, put it on the paleo diet and get it to practice wind sprints until it pukes. In the NFL, being fast isn’t good enough; you need to be inhumanly fast. You’re competing against the top 0.0000000000001% genetic freaks in our ecosystem, so a fast 40 time isn’t good enough. Running a good 40 at the combine will get you into the league, but then it’s up to you to learn how to cut faster and stop on a dime. Here are 10 guys who caught lightening, and keep it in a bottle. 

Who are the 10 Fastest NFL Players In 2016?

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Are These Guys The Fastest In the NFL?

Disagree with this ranking? Of course you do. 40 times are only one way to examine how fast a player really is. Game speed is entirely different. So this list could look very different next year, depending on who puts up the best in-game numbers. 1000 yards is faster than a 4.33 40 time.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 02 October
FT Washington Redskins 20 - 29 Kansas City Chiefs +230 -286 Odds
Thursday 05 October
FT Patriots 19 - 14 Buccaneers -192 +170 Odds
Sunday 08 October
FT Carolina Panthers 27 - 24 Detroit Lions +120 -130 Odds
AOT San Francisco 49ers 23 - 26 Indianapolis Colts +100 -120 Odds
FT Buffalo Bills 16 - 20 Cincinnati Bengals +135 -156 Odds
FT New York Jets 17 - 14 Cleveland Browns -125 +105 Odds
FT San Diego Chargers 27 - 22 New York Giants +145 -167 Odds
FT Jaguars 30 - 9 Pittsburgh Steelers +280 -370 Odds
FT Arizona Cardinals 7 - 34 Philadelphia Eagles +230 -286 Odds
FT Tennessee Titans 10 - 16 Miami Dolphins -105 -116 Odds
FT Baltimore Ravens 30 - 17 Oakland Raiders +140 -156 Odds
FT Seattle Seahawks 16 - 10 Los Angeles Rams +113 -122 Odds
FT Green Bay Packers 35 - 31 Dallas Cowboys +120 -141 Odds
FT Kansas City Chiefs 42 - 34 Houston Texans -130 +110 Odds

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