Top 10 Best Selling Soccer Jerseys In 2016

With soccer being the biggest sport worldwide, the top teams in various leagues around the world can collect plenty of money from large fanbases. Jersey sales for these teams are a big part of promoting, and supporting these clubs on the pitch and it’s why the best players in the world can earn unbelievable sums of money in their contracts. Soccer does the best all throughout Europe in various leagues in different countries. 

Highest Grossing Soccer Jerseys for 2016

It’s no surprise all European teams that make the list of the top selling soccer jerseys this year.

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Top Selling Jerseys In Soccer For 2016

Buying jerseys of one’s favorite players on their favorite team is a way to identify with the club and support them along their journey of chasing a championship. Since soccer teams in Europe have huge followings and extremely loyal fanbases, jersey sales for the clubs on this list rake in six to seven figures annually. That’s quite the pretty penny for just one aspect of merchandising and it has become such big business that these clubs are releasing new color variations and althernate third jerseys every year to rake in even more profit. 

Die-hard soccer bettors typically know which clubs have the largest and most vocal fanbases, so seeing all of those clubs on a list like this isn’t a surprise. But what could be a surprise is just how much money these clubs are pulling in from jersey sales alone each year, and surely after cashing in on a huge wager on one of these clubs you’ve gone out and gotten a jersey for yourself to show your appreciation.

Premier League
Premier League
Matchday 4
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Away Score Home Money Line
Saturday 09 September
Liverpool 07:30 Manchester City +310 -118 Odds
Bournemouth 10:00 Arsenal +725 -270 Odds
West Bromwich 10:00 Brighton +200 +160 Odds
Tottenham 10:00 Everton +111 +275 Odds
Chelsea 10:00 Leicester -125 +360 Odds
Watford 10:00 Southampton +450 -149 Odds
Manchester United 12:30 Stoke -192 +600 Odds
Sunday 10 September
Crystal Palace 08:30 Burnley +235 +137 Odds
Newcastle 11:00 Swansea +230 +135 Odds
Monday 11 September
Huddersfield 15:00 West Ham +350 -120 Odds

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