The NHL’s 10 Most Frustrated Fan Bases

The National Hockey League has some of the most passionate fans in the world. Being a fan of a team brings it share of ups-and-downs, but not every fan is treated to an even amount of highs and lows, some fans live through years of mediocre teams missing the playoffs or heart-breaking losses in postseasons. The “we’ll get them next year” sense of optimism starts wearing thin and fans begin to show frustration. Here are the NHL’s 10 most frustrated fan bases.  

10 NHL Cities Who Hate Their Team

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Bet With Your Head, Not Your Heart  

One of the most important aspects of betting on hockey involves separating wagering and team allegiance. Betting on your favourite team is fine – if that team is a logical choice. It can be difficult – especially for people new to betting. A fan’s job is to cheer for their team no matter what and believe they can win every game they play. A bettor should not think that way. They need to distinguish between passion and probabilities, love and logic. A sane Toronto Maple Leafs fan will not pick the team to win the Stanley Cup every season. They will recognize the rebuilding process and see the long-term potential but know they are an extreme longshot this season.

Fandom and frustration have their benefits on teams. A passionate fan base will tire of a mediocre team and demand quality. Once the demands start to hurt the bottom line, bettors can expect the teams to take notice. A team does not necessarily have to be a winner for fan frustration to be relieved, they want to see an effort to become a winner. The Calgary Flames are a team making the right moves by retaining young players and signing some savvy veterans. The mixture may not pay off this season, but the foundation is there for cheering fans. 

playoff - week-3
Match day
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Away Score Home Money Line
Wednesday 26 April
FT Nashville Predators 4 - 3 St. Louis Blues +100 -116 Odds
FT Edmonton Oilers 5 - 3 Anaheim Ducks +110 -132 Odds
Thursday 27 April
FT New York Rangers 1 - 2 Ottawa Senators -111 -111 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - 2 Washington Capitals +126 -133 Odds
Friday 28 April
FT Nashville Predators 2 - 3 St. Louis Blues +110 -132 Odds
FT Edmonton Oilers 2 - 1 Anaheim Ducks -147 Odds
Saturday 29 April
AOT New York Rangers 5 - 6 Ottawa Senators -120 +100 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 6 - 2 Washington Capitals +140 -161 Odds
Sunday 30 April
FT St. Louis Blues 1 - 3 Nashville Predators +130 -152 Odds
FT Anaheim Ducks 6 - 3 Edmonton Oilers +110 -132 Odds

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