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NBA Picks: Spurs vs Heat Odds, Prediction and Live Score

NBA Picks: Spurs vs Heat Odds, Prediction and Live Score
The Spurs had the most impressive start to the season, blasting the Golden State Warriors out of the water. Hassan Whiteside and the Heat also started the season well with a strong, twelve-point win against Orlando. Will Miami be able to fend off one of the best teams in the league?
NBA - Regular
Sunday 30 October
San Antonio Spurs
Miami Heat

San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat


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After Gregg Popovich’s incredible basketball machine sputtered to a halt during the 2016 NBA playoffs, much of the league wrote the Spurs off when Durant signed with the Warriors. No one predicted that the Spurs would earn a 29-point blowout, especially one in which Gasol and Parker combined to score eleven points. Although Miami does have an elite rim presence in Whiteside, it’s unlikely that the rest of the Heat will be able keep up with the Spurs at either end of the court.

San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat Pick

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The San Antonio Spurs were almost able to match the Warriors throughout the regular season, earning 67 wins in the process. Their 67-15 record was the seventh best season in NBA history, and three of their losses were against the Warriors, showing the quiet dominance of San Antonio basketball. Despite finishing with six fewer wins than the Warriors, the Spurs had a better net rating, finishing with a point differential of +11.49 compared to the +10.86 mark posted by Golden State.

While players such as Aldridge and Leonard represent a formidable attack, the Spurs earn their reputation through legendary defence, finishing first in the league for defensive net rating, allowing only 99.55 points per hundred possessions, more than two points less than their closest rival. In fact, when adjusting for the difficult of their competition, San Antonio’s defensive net rating drops even more. Include the fact that the Spurs possessed the fifth best offence last year, and you begin to understand why most teams simply can’t compete.

The Heat have gone from annual NBA Finalists to a team reeling from the loss of the big three, including the tragic blood clotting issue that appears to be the end of Chris Bosh’s career. Youngsters such as Justise Winslow and Tyler Johnson will be expected to raise their game along with vets such as Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters. However, there’s simply no way to replace players like LeBron, Wade and Bosh, which damns the Heat to mediocrity in the eastern conference.

Last year, the Heat had difficulty producing from the three-point line, which is an issue that they weren’t able to address during the off season. Since Bosh is unlikely to play again, they also have serious issues at the power forward position. This reduces the effectiveness of Hassan’s defence, which will be a huge issue when facing teams like the Spurs, who have one of the best power forwards in Lamarcus Aldridge. Expect the Spurs to extinguish the Heat quickly, giving the starters a chance to rest on the bench in the fourth quarter.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Tuesday 25 October
FT New York Knicks 88 - 117 Cleveland Cavaliers +405 -500
FT Utah Jazz 104 - 113 Blazers +210 -222
FT San Antonio Spurs 129 - 100 Warriors +365 -400
Wednesday 26 October
FT Miami Heat 108 - 96 Orlando Magic +164 -196
AOT Dallas Mavericks 121 - 130 Indiana Pacers +149 -175
FT New Jersey Nets 117 - 122 Boston Celtics +850 -1429
FT Detroit Pistons 91 - 109 Toronto Raptors +222 -270
FT Charlotte Hornets 107 - 96 Milwaukee Bucks +116 -137
FT Wolves 98 - 102 Memphis Grizzlies +168 -200
FT Denver Nuggets 107 - 102 Pelicans +135 -161
FT Thunder 103 - 97 Philadelphia 76ers -303 +248
FT Sacramento Kings 113 - 94 Phoenix Suns +168 -200
FT Houston Rockets 114 - 120 L.A. Lakers -227 +188
Thursday 27 October
FT Washington Wizards 99 - 114 Atlanta Hawks
FT Boston Celtics 99 - 105 Chicago Bulls
FT San Antonio Spurs 102 - 94 Sacramento Kings
FT L.A. Clippers 114 - 106 Blazers
Friday 28 October
FT Cleveland Cavaliers 94 - 91 Toronto Raptors
FT Indiana Pacers 94 - 103 New Jersey Nets
FT Orlando Magic 82 - 108 Detroit Pistons
AOT Phoenix Suns 110 - 113 Thunder
FT Charlotte Hornets 97 - 91 Miami Heat
FT Houston Rockets 106 - 98 Dallas Mavericks
FT L.A. Lakers 89 - 96 Utah Jazz
FT Warriors 122 - 114 Pelicans
Saturday 29 October
FT Atlanta Hawks 104 - 72 Philadelphia 76ers
FT Boston Celtics 104 - 98 Charlotte Hornets
FT Memphis Grizzlies 104 - 111 New York Knicks
FT Orlando Magic 99 - 105 Cleveland Cavaliers
FT Indiana Pacers 101 - 118 Chicago Bulls
FT New Jersey Nets 108 - 110 Milwaukee Bucks
FT Pelicans 79 - 98 San Antonio Spurs
AOT Blazers 115 - 113 Denver Nuggets
FT Wolves 103 - 106 Sacramento Kings
Sunday 30 October
176' Utah Jazz 33 - 34 L.A. Clippers
Warriors 18:00 Phoenix Suns
San Antonio Spurs 18:00 Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks 18:00 Detroit Pistons
L.A. Lakers 19:00 Thunder
Washington Wizards 20:00 Memphis Grizzlies
Dallas Mavericks 20:00 Houston Rockets

Despite consistently being one of the best teams in the league for nearly two decades, the Spurs have been a bit unlucky as of late, which has cost them a ring or two over the last five years. The latest misfortune that the Spurs face is Kevin Durant moving to the Warriors, which is all but guaranteed to create one of the strongest offenses in the history of the NBA. The Spurs opening win against the Warriors was a warning shot with a clear message: ignore us at your own peril.

At this point, the Heat have managed to lose all the main contributors to their three NBA championships since 2000, getting nothing in return. It appears that Pat Riley’s Miami mafia won’t be able to recreate the halcyon days anytime soon, which might be a consequence of Riley’s hard-boiled management style that alienated Wade and drove LeBron to the Cavaliers. In this way, they’re the opposite of the Spurs, who seem to effortlessly pass the torch between one generation talent to the next, maintaining the highest level of ball quality in the process.

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