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MLB All Star Game 2017

MLB All Star Game 2017
It's finally here. After an entertaining Home Run Derby on Monday night, Tuesday night brings us the 2017 All-Star Game. The American League starts off ace Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox, and the National League starts Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals. The Midsummer Classic begins at 8pm ET from Marlins Park.
MLB All-Star Game
MLB All-Star Game
Match day
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Away Score Home Money Line
Tuesday 11 July
AEI American League 2 - 1 National League +105 -110 Odds

It’s time for the 2017 All-Star Game, and we’re here to provide you with the winner. Interestingly, this will be played completely as an exhibition, as the winner’s league doesn’t get World Series home field advantage, like in previous years. Both leagues sport very impressive lineups.

The American League starting lineup will be:

Jose Altuve, who holds a league leading batting average of .347.
Jose Ramirez, from the Cleveland Indians
Aaron Judge, with 30 HRs, 66 RBIs, and coming off a big Home Run Derby win
George Springer, in cleanup with 27 HRs on the season
Carlos Correa, the 3rd Astro in the lineup
Justin Smoak, at 1B
Corey Dickerson, from the Rays
Salvador Perez, as catcher
Mookie Betts, Sale’s teammate on the Red Sox

The National League starting lineup looks like this:

Charlie Blackmon, as leadoff
Giancarlo Stanton, with 26 HRs and 58 RBIs
Bryce Harper, Scherzer’s teammate on the Nats
Buster Posey, as catcher
Daniel Murphy, hitting .342 with 64 RBIs
Nolan Arenado, from the Rockies
Ryan Zimmerman, the 3rd Washington starter, not including Scherzer
Marcell Ozuna, who along with Stanton, is playing in front of his home fans
Zack Cozart, from the Reds 

MLB All Star Game Home Run Derby

Before we continue though, we’ll take a quick look at how we did yesterday for the Home Run Derby. We did well with our matchup picks. Stanton didn’t perform well, as expected, so we got a juicy dog winner with Gary Sanchez at +280. We also went with Bellinger and the -285 chalk, against Blackmon, and that cashed as well. Moose and Bour were our two other dog plays, and those didn’t win. Still a profitable day. 

MLB All Star Game MVP

Looking at individual players, it’s pretty tough to tell who’ll have a better game. Max Scherzer is a dominant force, and the Boston Red Sox ace Chris Sale is starting his 2nd All-Star Game in a row. These pitchers are some of the best and are both in the running for the Cy Young, so don’t expect a lot of hitters to make an impact. Be sure though, that the ones who do, will most likely be the game heroes. It’ll all come down to a couple well placed hits. 

The big home run hitters might be out of luck, as both Scherzer and Sale are quite stingy with giving up long balls. The Washington Nationals ace has even stated he’s changed his style up to prevent home runs. That explains his 2.10 ERA and 0.73 WHIP. Both Sale and Scherzer are familiar with each other though, having been rivals in the AL Central when Sale was with the White Sox and Scherzer was finding his way in Detroit. 

Sale commands a better record, at 11-4, but his ERA and WHIP “falter” a bit at 2.75 and 0.90 respectively. Home runs are up overall this season though, and against this elite cast of hitters, he might be in trouble. Most batters haven’t faced him, but the only starters who have, Buster Posey and Marcell Ozuna, are both batting .333 against him.

Against Scherzer, most AL starters haven’t fared too well against him. Jose Altuve is .182 against him in 11 ABs, Jose Ramirez is .167 in 6 ABs, and Justin Smoak is .000 in 5 ABs. George Springer is their saving grace though, at .333 in 6 ABs. Ironically, it’s a non-starter Michael Brantley, who has the most ABs against Scherzer at 29, but has an abnormally high BA against the ace, at .448. He might be the guy who breaks open the game, and gets the All-Star MVP, but that’s if he even sees Scherzer. If te game goes the other way though, it will most likely be Daniel Murphy’s time to shine. 

MLB All Star Game Predictions

Now onto the game! Both teams are priced equally at Sports Interaction. While the AL has a monstrous lineup, with the best hitter in the game, Altuve, it’s really the NL who has the better hitters right down the line. Look for Washington’s Daniel Murphy to make an impact in this game. The two Rockies starters might have needed this break to get their mojo back as well. The two Marlins will want to shake things up in front of their home crowd, and even Buster Posey, who along with Cozart have the worst numbers, still posts good stuff against Sale.

The AL does have Aaron Judge, but after last night’s win, his drive might not be as high today. Add that to the fact that Scherzer is pitching to avoid long balls, and Judge is just mediocre. As mentioned before, Smoak, Altuve, and Ramirez all have terrible numbers against Scherzer. The only thing they have going for them is Michael Brantley, but he might not even face Sale. 

The AL took this game the last 4 years, but all trends eventually end. To reiterate our points, Scherzer’s numbers are better than Sale’s, period. The NL starters are better against Sale than the AL starters are against Scherzer. The hitters who are good against Scherzer might not face him, and he pitches to avoid home runs, nullifying the AL’s power hitters. With both teams equally priced, the National League is a gift in this spot. Take them to win the Midsummer Classic.

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