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Mayweather vs McGregor: Who Canadians Love More?

Mayweather vs McGregor: Who Canadians Love More?
Mayweather may be the betting favourite but McGregor was easily the people's favourite. Canadians made it known they are on Team McGregor during the Toronto event of the MayMac world tour. The Irish contingent showed up in droves and was clearly the loudest while everyone jeered Mayweather with "Pay your taxes!" chants. The betting lines are now steadily swinging towards McGregor as the fight nears on August 26, 2017.

Mayweather vs McGregor: The Canadians’ Pick 

There are many similarities between Mayweather and McGregor: both are the richest fighters in their respective sports, they are both gifted trash talkers, and are masterful promoters. Mayweather is the pound-for-pound greatest of his era while McGregor is the UFC’s first simultaneous two-division champ. They are megastars and the money train for their respective sports. But when it comes to playing the hero or villain, that’s when they sharply differ.  

Mayweather is a natural villain and is rarely ever the fan favourite. His unclimactic boxing style is a main source of hatred but as is his brash personality and criminal incidents such as multiple instances of domestic violence. Even if fans recognize his in-ring brilliance, they do so begrudgingly. 

McGregor, on the other hand, plays the anti-hero who is more controversial than loved. But in this instance, he is the clear-cut hero. His colourful fashion sense matched with his rich vocabulary make him intriguing but his fighting style is what truly wins everyone over.

Few can match the finishing ability of the “Mystic Mac.” 

Whether you love them or hate them, you care enough to have an opinion. Canadians in Toronto were one-sidedly in McGregor’s favour even when they disapproved of his racist comments. Mayweather didn’t endear himself when he mistook the Canadian flag as the “Toronto flag” and chants of “pay your taxes”, in reference to his ongoing financial issues. Floyd also dropped a gay slur in a later presser and the prominently multicultural nation won’t take those comments lightly.

During the presser, Torontonian Drake came out in support of McGregor. There was a divide among the boxing and MMA demographic but per reports the MMA sides bigger and younger. The UFC is a more popular sport than boxing even if boxing’s biggest stars make considerably more than the UFC’s although MMA as a sport and the UFC as a brand is more recognized globally. Besides the racist comments, which aren’t McGregor’s first, the Irishman has the crowd on his side. 

Mayweather vs McGregor One-Way Betting Trend

True to the press conferences, fans have begun to bet heavily on McGregor.

Opening as a +1100 favourite, McGregor is now down to +250. It’s a combination of both the media promoting McGregor heavily and footage of McGregor knocking down two-weight world champion Paulie Malignaggi. The video surfaced in the previous weeks where McGregor landed a stiff left hand that rocked the semi-retired boxer. This was followed by a counter-right that led to Malignaggi briefly hitting the mat. Malignaggi was incensed and insisted the video isn’t telling the real story. It’s also worth noting he was out-of-shape and tired while McGregor is in peak shape. Regardless, McGregor did hurt Malignaggi and knocked him down. The commission has    

The commission has also changed the gloves to 8oz gloves as opposed to 10. Smaller gloves could mean McGregor’s power would be more felt. Already holding the power advantage, McGregor is also the younger, bigger, and longer fighter. Even Mayweather’s bigger opponents of the past were not McGregor’s size. The UFC superstar is definitely killing it on the pre-fight preparations, a scene similar to his feud with former UFC champion Jose Aldo.  

This is boxing though, not MMA, and Mayweather still holds the significant skill and experience edge. But McGregor brings a style not seen before especially not by boxers. The “Notorious” one may still be an underdog but he’s clearly got a chance and the fans are beginning to realize this.

With only a few days left before the big match, online sportsbooks are becoming busy. These sites are available to Canadians and offer a signup bonus. McGregor backers may try to bet on him now while he’s still an underdog while “sharps” looking to get Mayweather at a better deal could wait or hit him now at a ridiculously cheap price. But bet smartly and avail of the many betting options: over/unders, props etc. to maximize your winning potential.

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