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Golden State vs Cleveland NBA Finals Game 5 Odds And Prediction

Golden State vs Cleveland NBA Finals Game 5 Odds And Prediction
A record-breaking performance by the Cleveland in game four prevented LeBron James from experiencing the second finals sweep of his career. As a result, the Golden State are once again up 3-1 returning to Oracle Arena, this time fully aware of the consequences of letting a lead slip. The Dubs look to clinch their second ring in three years on Monday, June 12th, tip-off at 9 PM EST.

Cleveland at Golden State Game 5

NBA - Playoff
Monday 12 June
Cleveland Cavaliers
Golden State Warriors

Cavaliers @ Warriors

  Money Line  

After one of the wildest finals games in recent memory, Golden State wants to settle into their usual routine. The Warriors have been unbeatable at home throughout the playoffs, even if Zaza had to twist a few ankles to defend the streak. Game one and two fell into typical Golden State gameplans, with the Dubs creating an insurmountable lead well before the fourth quarter.

Cleveland has shown life in California, battling hard to remain close on the road. However, the Warriors conjure quick, double-digit runs with ease when in familiar confines. These bursts of threes and tough defence tend to stymie Cleveland’s momentum, placing the game beyond reach with unnerving ease. Beating this mix of high-octane offence and lockdown defence required a record performance from the Cavs, who will need a repeat of game four to extend the series.

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Cleveland  +8.5 (1.91)  3.40  o231.0 (1.91)
Golden State  -8.5 (1.91)  1.33  u231.0 (1.91)

Point Spread – Bet Golden State Warriors

The spread for game five has been set at 8.5, which makes sense considering that the Warriors beat the Cavs by an average of 20.5 points in the first two games. If anything, the spread should be higher because game four was such a wild outlier. Records will not be set twice in a row, and the most likely outcome is another big Warriors win.

Golden State has been 3-1 ATS this series, including a close game three where the Dubs hit a couple of foul shots to beat the margin. Last year’s crushing loss will help provide extra motivation this time around. Cleveland won’t be able to sneak away with a win in Oracle Arena like they did last year, and there’s no way Golden State will let up at all in game five.

There’s nothing more the Warriors would love than to completely crush Cleveland to close out the season, and that’s the result you can expect. Wager on Golden State to beat the spread, and don’t be surprised if the game’s out of reach before the fourth quarter begins.

Moneylines – Bet Golden State Warriors

Moneylines have been tepid throughout the NBA Finals, mostly because of the dominant play of the Warriors. Players who focused on the lines all series haven’t fared as well as those who wagered on the spread. The best potential payout for the Warriors was game four, which was the weirdest game of the season. Profit occurred on Cleveland lines only for those lucky few who bet on them in game four, and refrained from wagering on the Cavs for the first three games.

In game five, you’ll win around $33 for wagering $100 on the Warriors moneyline, while a $100 bet on the Cavs could net you a $340 win. There’s too much risk to bet on the Cavs, and the reward for betting on the Dubs isn’t that great. If you’re doing a parley or accumulator, tack a Warriors win onto your card to increase value with minimal risk.

Over/Under – Bet Over

Cleveland and Golden State set scoring records in game four, completely obliterating the over/under. Neither team played any defence, and the only shots they consistently missed were from the charity stripe. As a result of this unprecedented scoring pace, sportsbooks have boosted the total to an astronomical 231 for game five. 

There’s no stopping Golden State shooters, regardless of where they play, but the Cleveland Cavaliers have shown a strong distaste for playing on the road. Offensive production dips for everybody but LeBron James, suppressing overall scoring totals.

The Dubs will flirt with scoring 130 points, while Cleveland may struggle to make triple digits. It’s a bit of a risky wager given the high-stake circumstances, but wagering over for game five should be the safer bet simply because the Dubs will shoot the lights out.

Warriors vs Cavaliers Predictions

Bizarre officiating, magical shotmaking, ejected fans, and cheap shots to the groin – game four of the NBA Finals was everything that makes playoff basketball great. The Cavaliers put up 49 points in the first quarter and 86 in the half, both NBA records. Golden State couldn’t get a stop, but they held their own on the offensive end by scoring 68 points. By endgame the score was 137-116.

It’s a testament to the Warriors that the game didn’t feel like a complete blowout. Most observers believed that they still had a chance at making a comeback until coach Steve Kerr pulled the starters late in the fourth. The Cavs won’t set another scoring record, especially on the Dubs home court.

Golden State Warriors (-303) PLAY NOW

Despite Golden State’s high level of excellence, stats show that the series turns when LeBron is off the court. During LeBron’s 166 minutes on court, Cleveland has been +6 during the finals. He’s only missed 26 minutes during the first four games, with the Cavaliers suffering an awful -31. This 31-point differential represents one of the stats that shows the Cavs most significant deficiency.

The Warriors count on Durant, Curry or Green stepping up when the other has a bad game or needs rest. LeBron can’t rely on the same support, even if Kyrie Irving occasionally goes off for forty points. This isn’t nearly as bad as the 2007 playoffs, when Cleveland needed LeBron to score 29 of the last 30 points in a double-overtime win against the Pistons just to make it to the finals. Still, the fact that the Cavs lean so heavily on LeBron is the reason they’ll lose.

Unless the Cavaliers pull off the greatest comeback in sports history, they’ll face the challenge of gathering enough firepower to compete with the Dubs next year. The Warriors big four will remain in their prime – and under contract – for at least a few more seasons. Challengers will need to find a way to assemble sufficient talent to compete, and there’s only one LeBron. Maybe he’ll have more help next time around, because the Warriors have all but wrapped up this NBA season as their own.

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