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Conor McGregor Next Fight: Bet On His Next Opponent

Conor McGregor Next Fight: Bet On His Next Opponent
Conor McGregor avenged his loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 202 with a narrow but decisive victory and now turns his sights onto bigger things. Given his superstar status, there are a wide range of potential fights in up to three weight classes.

Talks between UFC President and Georges St-Pierre still remain at a stalemate making Conor McGregor still the company’s biggest draw. St-Pierre expressed great interest in returning and even applied for USADA but White remains adamant he isn’t coming back. Joe Silva, the UFC’s longtime matchmaker also retired possibly altering how the UFC books its events. Sean Shelby is left as the sole matchmaker. McGregor meanwhile has also been rumoured to headline the UFC 205 card in New York City but it may depend on his medical suspension and the status of Jon Jones.

McGregor Next Fight Odds

Conor McGregor Next Fight Odds

The last few months have been a rollercoaster for both Conor McGregor and the UFC. After a slew of off-cage antics that saw McGregor lose to Diaz, then drop out of UFC 200 and finally defeat him at UFC 202, the McGregor-Diaz saga may have temporarily concluded. McGregor stated he would return to the featherweight division to defend his title in another rematch, this time against the former champion Jose Aldo. But before the Diaz fights, McGregor was already set to fight for the lightweight title now held by Eddie Alvarez.

Conor McGregor Next Fight Prediction

McGregor’ two most likely opponents are Jose Aldo or Eddie Alvarez as odds indicate but stranger things have happened. McGregor being able to fight in three divisions muddles the picture but his natural fighting weight is at 155.

BET EDDIE ALVAREZ @+137 AT SPORTSINTERACTION. Alvarez, nicknamed the “Underground King” became the first fighter to win both a Bellator and UFC title when he knocked out Rafael dos Anjos in a round. His name may be unknown to most casual fans but McGregor can fight a literal garbage can and still draw massive ratings. It’s a question of whether McGregor wants to surrender his featherweight title in pursuit of the lightweight title or if he wants to cut large amounts of weight to again fight at 145.

While McGregor did say he will move back to 145 to defend his title, his camp have otherwise stated how unhealthy the cut was. McGregor already defeated Aldo and the year-long rivalry may still be fresh in people’s minds. Alvarez at 155 presents an easier weight cut and a new matchup that offers more potential to sell. Alvarez can box, wrestle and clinch and is stylistically a more difficult fight than Aldo. But McGregor has not been choosy who he fights based on style. Whether it’s a striker or grappler or a mix of the two, McGregor will face them.

Who Will Fight McGregor?

Aldo or Alvarez are McGregor’s two most likely foes but there is always the possibility of a “superfight” with the returning Georges St-Pierre. Nate Diaz hinted after he defeated McGregor he spoiled the UFC’s supposed plans of matching up the two superstars for UFC 200. As far as selling power concerns, a McGregor-GSP fight may break UFC records simply based on the star power both have. It won’t make sense competitively and McGregor will lose his featherweight title or further hold the division hostage.

McGregor was given a medical suspension of up to six months by USADA but there are already whispers of him main eventing UFC 205 in the UFC’s debut in New York City. This may be the biggest event of the year. GSP is the most lucrative option but he remains in limbo. Alvarez or Aldo are the two likeliest choices and the “Notorious” one may just swap his featherweight belt for a shot at Alvarez’s lightweight title. Eddie Alvarez is winning the Conor McGregor sweepstakes.

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