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As a sportsbook operated by Mohawk Online and exclusively serving the Canadian online bettors, SportsInteraction is ready to match you dollar-for-dollar when you’re ready to make your first deposit. Fund your account today and they’ll put a 100% bonus in your account all the way up to $200 in cash. It doesn’t end there, though, as you can also qualify for reload bonuses for subsequent deposits and you’ll even earn some incentives if you refer a friend.

100% Bonus *EXCLUSIVE* - 100% Bonus up to $200!
  1. 1Create your account on Sports Interaction => click here
  2. 2Set up your private account in a matter of minutes
  3. 3Fund your bankroll with a minimum $20 deposit
  4. 4Instantly receive a 100% Match Bonus!
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Min Deposit
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9.5/10 Features
  • Caters to Canadian customers
  • Excellent Live Betting product
  • Huge selection of sports betting lines
First Deposit Bonus At SIA: 100% Get up to $200 in cash right now! Sign up Now Sign Up Bonus

SportsInteraction’s provides you with a 100% sign up bonus with a limit of $200. That means that if you deposit as little as $20, they’re going to double your bankroll all the way up to $200. Many of SIA’s competitors only offer around 10% with their bonuses, so collecting a 100% cash bonus is pretty sweet. However, it does come with a 10-time rollover. For those who aren’t familiar, a rollover is simply the amount of action you have to make up before you can withdraw (so you don’t just deposit, collect a bonus and leave). With a 10-time rollover and a $100 deposit, you’ll have to bet $2000 worth ($100 deposit + $100 bonus rolled over 10 times) before you can withdraw. Reload Bonus

SIA does have reload bonuses but they don’t broadcast it to everyone. When you’re ready to re-up, you can have a chat with them and they’ll base their decision on your relationship and history with them. Many times, they’ll hook you up with a 10% cash bonus up to $100. They’ll also do seasonal reload bonuses, usually tied to big events like March Madness. Make sure you’re on their mailing list as you’ll hear about the promotions in there. And keep in touch with customer service. If you have a good relationship with them, they’ll usually give you a boost on reloads. Promotions & Contests

SportsInteraction does run some promos and contests from time to time, but it’s typically tied to major events. For example, during football season, they run and NFL Pick ‘Em contest where you pick winners from the pigskin action each week. Around Super Bowl week and the NCAA Tournament are good times to keep your eyes peeled. But if you sign up for their newsletter or follow them on Twitter (they’ll run the odd promo via social media from time to time), then you’ll be able to jump in and get in the fun.

There is plenty of ways to win money with Sports Interaction (also known as SIA). It should be your go-to gambling site for Canada. The website gets most action from North American sports like the NFL and MLB but also caters to Canadian Football. Poker, Casino and horse racing are also prominent betting options featured on the website. European soccer leagues, online gaming and combat sports are also potential lucrative options and best of all, SIA offers a lot of opportunities to win bonus and contest money. See below: [+]

Bonuses and Promos: the best thing about the sign-up bonuses for SIA is it is automatically adds it to your bankroll and if they haven’t customer service will gladly assist you. With other sites, they only offer up to 10% cash bonus. SIA also has reload bonuses they may offer you depending how good your relationship with them is. Seasonal bonuses and promos are also common especially during big sporting events like the NHL playoffs, international soccer tournaments or the Superbowl. If you’re a big social media addict, you may also run into a few promos they are running. So long as you are updated and maintain contact with the SIA, you will not miss out on chances to earn additional money.

Best betting options: at SIA, betting lines for the most popular sporting events like NBA and NFL are quickly released. Alternative betting options are also common in the site even for sports like MMA and boxing where most other sites only offer the standard straight bet.  When betting on SIA, you will notice different ways to do research on the games as well. There are “customer opinions”, which are info provided from other bettors and fans like yourself and frequently updated statistics so you won’t need to look anywhere else.

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